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Sunday Afternoon, 2019

The new album, Sunday Afternoon, features nine original songs from Andrew C. Marsh that range from moving pop ballads to high-energy country numbers to jazzy, big-band tunes. 

The album was recorded with Nashville’s top studio singers and musicians, each of whom has worked with some of the biggest names in country and pop music.  It was produced by Jerroll Lehman, whose decades of experience include producing for many well-known artists.  Jerroll’s talent as an arranger/producer is highly respected in the industry.  Andrew and his wife Beth A. Marsh were executive producers on the album. 

Music videos for the songs on the album are being released as well. 

The album is a timely addition to that which has always been timeless in music—memorable melodies and lyrics that paint a picture or tell a story.  The songs are fresh, fun, and unique.  Visit for more information on where you can view the music videos or download the album.  

Planning for the next album is underway. 

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