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Rosie's Rescue, 2020

When the events in Rosie's life trigger a crisis, she embarks on a quest to find the mysterious man who saved her life as a child. But now, that man is dying. Can she reach him before it is too late?

This new short film is being produced by Andrew C. Marsh and written and directed by Terry Weston Marsh.  With a cast and crew of 30, principal photography took place in New Castle, Indiana, in October 2019.  The family-friendly film is slated for release in spring 2020.  For more information, visit

Music Videos, 2020

Songwriter/producer Andrew C. Marsh is developing music videos for his new album, Sunday Afternoon, with the first two being released in 2019. 

The videos complement the songs and bring them to life in a fresh and unique way.  Check back often for updates at

Dewey Does Time, 2018

Dewey Does Time is a hilarious short-film mockumentary starring real-life history educator John S. Marsh as the bumbling Prof. Dewey B. Leevum, whose efforts to prove (or disprove!) scientific and historic legends are on the verge of becoming hilariously legendary themselves!  The film is the second entry in the Dewey series, with more episodes scheduled for release in the coming year. 

Besides acting, John S. Marsh is also an award-winning playwright, having recently won the McLaren Memorial Comedy Playwriting Competition in Texas.  His two books of original humorous stories will be coming out soon.  Applying his dramatic and comedic skills to education, John has won multiple teaching awards including the inaugural Robert P. Bell Creative Teaching Award.

The film was produced by Andrew C. Marsh and directed by award-winning director Terry Weston Marsh.  It can be viewed on Vimeo along with some of Terry’s other films.  For more about Terry, click here.  

Bridging the Gap, 2019

In the indigent community of an Indiana town, the needs are many but the resources are few.  Pastor Linda needs the help of her fellow churches to bridge that gap through prayer, volunteers, and financial support.

The new documentary, Bridging the Gap, tells the story of the challenges and successes of a small church ministry. It was directed by Terry Weston Marsh. Andrew C. Marsh served as post-production consultant on the film.

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